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Dragon City Cheats for Unlimited Gems and Coins

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Dragon City Hack Cheats to get Unlimited Gems and Coins

Are you looking for Dragon City Hack or Cheats to get free unlimited Gems and Coins to become Dragon Master?

Well, Dragon City has now become the no#1 game in its category where you can breed different cute Dragons and make them fight in PVP battle. Dragon City Game is developed by Social Point game company and has more than 100 Million verified Install from Google Play Store.

Welcome to the world of Cute Dragons, where you will make new habitats, farms, building to breed new Dragon, which will make you win every battle. You can have tons of mini-games with side Quest, which will award you with free Dragon egg or Gems.

Be ready for breading over 1000 amazing Dragon and make yourself the ultimate Dragon Master. Participate in events to earn gems, decorate your dragon for special events. Collect Orbs and increase your Dragon power and win every PVP battle.

Dragon City Hack Features

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How to use Dragon City hack Online Tool

  • Click on the “online Tool for Dragon City Hack online tool.
  • Enter your Dragon City game username
  • Now choose the Device platform, which you are currently playing
  • Proxy is auto-enabled to safeguard your Dragon city game account
  • Click on Number of Coins and Gems; you needed in your account
  • Check the activity log, which server perform by performing all algorithms
  • Let the server finishes all the query, let it complete all the process
  • Now, the server will give successful confirmation
  • Close the browser and open your Dragon City Game account
  • Your Dragon city game account will be loaded with gems and coins which you have selected during the process.

Why you need Dragon City Hack?

Dragon city game is developed in such a way that you need to breed your dragon to its full potential to win any battle. For this reason, rich kids spend hundreds of money to evolve their dragon, which makes them dragon master.

To make game evenly balance for other people, we have developed AI (artificial intelligence) Script, which deposit gems and coins in-game account. Now you can use this method to get unlimited gems and coins and become a dragon master.

If you believe that you don’t need Dragon city free gems and coins, you can also try these top 10 methods of Dragon City cheats, which can provide you gems and coins in legit ways. Do not hesitate to try these awesome methods, as this will improve your gaming skills and you will be able to know all in and out of earning gems and coins free.

Top 10 method of Dragon City Cheats to become Dragon Master

If you are looking for some legit way of earning Dragon City gems and coins, then check these awesome methods of Dragon city cheats to become Dragon master.

Method 1# Log in Daily to Get game goodies

Dragon City game needs dedicated players, who always login daily; for this purpose, they are providing free gems to those who log in daily. Login daily also ensures other game goodies like dragon eggs and your daily goals.

Just check all the daily goals you need to clear so that you will earn free woods, coins, and gems. Make a habit of login daily, to get all your clean up process and collecting of game goodies.

Method 2# Connect your Dragon City account with social media

Get rewards when you connect your game account with social media like Facebook. Some of the rewards which you may get are given below

Facebook Rewards: Collect 10 gems when you connect your Dragon City account with Facebook. You can also check the daily Calendar Facebook awards, where you will receive random gifts for login daily.

Facebook Roulette: in this event, you will participate free and can win 50 free gems.

Facebook Monday rewards: in this event, you can win any of the three rewards

  • Reward 1: elementary Dragons
  • Reward 2: 5000 Dragon city cold coins
  • Reward 3: 05 Dragon city Gems

Method 3# Deus daily Bonus

Dragon City has hidden mini-games called Deus Daily Bonus Challenge, which is present in the Goal section of your Dashboard. In this, you can visit other players’ islands and get free coins, or you can participate in mini-games to get free gems or coins.

Check all the mini-games which are present from time to time in Deus bonus games. Mini-games include selecting cards that will provide you free 50 gems if you select a correct card.

Method 4# Check Freebie Island

Check this special promotional offer from Dragon City game, which provides free gems and coins while doing a simple task. Some of the task which you need to perform in these freebie Island are as follows

  • Watch the video to collect gems and coins
  • Installing software or apps and get free gems and coins
  • Complete a small survey and get gems and coins

Method 5# use Referral bonus to earn Gems

You can use a referral bonus in Dragon City Game for inviting your friends to join the game. Referral bonus is distributed when any of your friends join the Dragon City game using your referral link. You will be awarded 10 gems as a referral bonus.

Method 6# Try to complete Quests

The best way of earning Dragon city gems are when you complete Quests in the game. Quest is similar to side storyline, which you need to perform to attend more XP or coins. You will be rewarded with free gems when you complete any Quest.

Method 7# Fight PVP or Combat Mode to earn Gems

If your Dragon is ready for war, then fight PVP battle, which will yield you free gems, when you win. Here are some genuine points which you need to check

  • You will get 03-06 Gems when you win consecutively 08 wins in PVP
  • You will be awarded 02 gems when you win 07 win from your PC
  • You can participate up to 03 bottles every 06 hours
  • You can get up to 08 gems every day and 56 gems in a week
  • You can choose over 400 battles in a league.

Method 8# Level up and earn free Gems

Whenever you level up in Dragon City game, you will be rewarded with free Gems. The best way to level up is to clear all your daily tasks or Goals. In this way, you will gain XP, and that will help you level up in the game.

Method 9# Touch Jewelem’s Tower

After you reach level 12, Jewelem’s tower will be active in your account, which will give you 01 gems when you touch them. This tower will fetch you free 01 gems once in every 24 hours.

Method 10# Participate in tournaments and events

You can earn free Gems when you participate in Tournaments and events in Dragon city game. Tournaments and events are time base and need to perform under that specific date only. You can expect to earn 04 gems per day while participating in these tournaments.

Final words

So, these are the Dragon City Hack – Gems and Gold Cheats, which you can implement to get free unlimited gems and coins to become Dragon master. Use our online tool to generate unlimited gems and coins and participate in every tournament and win it with ease.